Wedding Photographer

      The choice of the right photographer for your wedding is not easy and sometimes underestimated.Nowdays photography is apparently simple for people outside the field, mistakenly assuming that even their friend, who delights himself with a reflex on Sundays, is able to be a professional photographer.As in any field, it is very important to distinguish between amateurism and professionalism, that is the result of studies, constant passion and working experiences that allow to gurantee the quality of a given service and to avoid dissapointments.There are many professional wedding photographer and I think that, in the criteria of choice, it can help the search for a specific genre and a style that can reflect your own taste and needs, as well as a person with whom you can establish a good relationship, made of empathy and mutual trust.

      In 2019 and 2021 I was awarded as the best wedding photographer in Italy by the national association of wedding photographers ANFM, again in 2021 ISPWP and FEARLESS selected me in the TOP 10 of the best wedding photographers in the world.
      In 2022 I won a MYWED AWARD and I was elected aa best wedding photographer in the world.