Giandomenico Cosentino


      Wedding Reportage
      I live in Genoa (Italy) togheter with my dog Raul (also called “bellissimo titone”, a Golden Retriver that share almost every experience with me. Photography allows me to travel a lot and to get anywhere a story is waiting to be told.I love art, new beginnings, and the connections that I create thanks to my innate curiosity and the desire to know and understand things.All this is at the base of my photos and my photographic language.Each of my shots contains my love for women, every time I lost myself to contemplete the sea, the lunches at my mother’s house on Sundays, the runs with Raul on the beach, that give me a sense of pure freedom, and the chaotic streets of New York, a sort of shelter whenever I am looking for inspiration.

      Wedding Photographer Genova

      Photography is the voice through which I can tell something about myself, how I live and I feel things. I decide to devote myself to the world of wedding photography because to capture emotions is what I do best and that day specifically contains a lot of them.

      At the same time, however, I do not like to be defined only as a wedding photographer because my interest in photography is much wider and as soon as I can, I dedicate myself to travel reportage,street photography and portraits.This helps me not to close myself in just one vision but to look for a more personal and professional style that is also reflected on my work during weddings.I love my profession viscerally because it gives me the opportunity to partecipate to the most important moment in the life of people who until a moment before were complete strangers to me but just a moment later I can give them an indelible memory.