What is your photographic style?

      I prefer the reportage style, that is the story of a special day through images, whitout directing the scene too much but trying to leave the bride and the groom free to enjoy the most exciting moments.I like watching what happens and try to captare everything whitout creating atificial images.Of course there are moment when it requires the collaboration of the couple to get important shots such as portraits or group photos with relatives and friends.

      Do you perform your services abroad?

      Yes, I often travel for work, both in Italy and abroad.I love travelling and photographing different traditions.It is a great incentive for a photographer to know new places and different cultures.

      Do you work alone?

      I always work side by side with another professional photographer.My long experience as a wedding photographer has given me the opportunity to consolidate relationshiops of trust with talented collegues who provide a more complete service (for exemple, a second photographer can take pictures of the guests while I am dedicating to the couple).

      How can I get a quote?

      Filling out the form in the contact section you will receive my brochure and a detailed quote for your wedding.

      How can I book your service?

      I think that it is very important that there is a feeling between me and my clients so, before booking a service I always prefer to meet the couples personally in my studio or, in the case of clients living in other parts of Italy or abroad, to organize a skype call in order to know each other and understand expectations in detail.The service is confirmed through a wriiten contract countersigned by both parties.

      How many photos do you deliver and after how many days will they be ready?

      There are several variables on the number of photos I deliver, such as the number of guests or the fact that it is a civil ceremony rather than a church ceremony. I usually deliver between 600 and 800 pictures in high resolution JPG format.Generally delivery takes place within 60 days from the wedding or the time needed to edit and postproduce the pictures.

      Is the album included in the price of the service?

      No. The service includes the delivery of digital pictures in high resolution, a slide show with a selection of the best photos with a soundtrack and a PDF file containing the layout of an album that you can later print in a photo book or in a traditional album.

      How much does an album cost?

      There is no set price.Each album is customised according to the choice of the format, the photo paper and the materials used for the cover.

      Do you also make videos?

      I do not personally take care of the video part but I collaborate with other studios specialised in the production of wedding videos, that will make you a quote, in case you are interested.