Giandomenico Cosentino

Photography Studio


Giandomenico has won numerous awards both nationally and internationally, and his work has been described by many as “poetic” due to his truly unique ability to create suggestive and evocative images.

For two consecutive years, he has been named Best Wedding Photographer in Italy by the ANFM association, and in 2022, he was named the Best Wedding Photographer in the World by MyWed.

Giandomenico is keen on not being labeled as an artist but rather seeks authorship in his work, a personal perspective. This way, he can provide his clients with a unique memory, distant from the usual clichés of wedding photography.

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The Giandomenico Cosentino photography studio opened its doors in Italy in 2009 in the elegant Albaro neighborhood of Genoa.

From the outset, Giandomenico and his team aimed to distinguish themselves from many wedding photographers with their concept of photography as a narrative. Their philosophy in wedding photography is that of storytelling, capturing all the emotions of that day naturally and spontaneously. They avoid excessive interaction with the couples, believing that the most beautiful images arise from the genuine joy of the newlyweds enjoying their special day without being overly concerned about the photographic service or wedding organization.

Another distinctive trait that Giandomenico and Elena particularly value is elegance, which they seek in every detail.

Farah & Gabriel

Serious, professional, reliable, and above all, a unique photographer,Giandomenico was a delicate and never intrusive presence. Despiteknowing we had chosen the best, the result of his work surprised us;seeing ourselves in such unique and elegant shots moved us. He was withus the entire wedding weekend, and saying goodbye felt like biddingfarewell to a friend we had known for a long time. We would choose him athousand times without any doubt


We will never stop thanking Giandomenico and Elena for what they did forus.They accompanied us through the day like two friends and, at the sametime, like top-level professionals. They narrated our wedding with anauthoritative gaze, avoiding the usual wedding clichés. We haveemotional photos but also ones with artistic value that make everythingmore precious. We recommend Giandomenico Cosentino Studio to allthose who love elegance and photography.

Pauline & Youssef

With his availability and his smile, Giandomenico made everything easieron the wedding day. We appreciated his very professional yet friendly andapproachable demeanor. The photos exceeded our expectations, full ofemotions and with a very elegant style, exactly as we wanted to narrateour special day. After our wedding, we met Giandomenico at other friends’weddings who, in love with our photos, had no doubts in choosing him.

His unique style of photography often leads to calls from outside Italy.Many weddings have been captured abroad, but his eyes have beenparticularly captivated by Morocco and Marrakesh. He now works in thecity for several months each year and dreams of relocating there one day.